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  • World-Wide EDIsm Quick Start guide

    1) Initial Registration

    Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of service, you will find yourself logged into World-Wide EDI as a new subscriber.

    2) Complete the Subscriber Information

    Make a note of your assigned log-in ID and password for future log-ins, then complete all mandatory fields (indicated in blue) on this page. When completed, select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

    3) Complete Your Search Profile

    From the main page, select Search Profile then complete the form for each phrase or term you want to search, New Search creates additional forms for each additional search term. Once you have input all your search terms select save at the bottom of the form.
    NOTE: The context sensitive on-line help provides links to look up tools for your FSC and SIC codes.

    4) Start Bidding!

    From the main page (which is the default once you have submitted your Trading Partner Profile) select the RFQs button (a flag will indicate if there are any new documents). Fill in the blanks to create a quote for any of the RFQs you want to respond to. Once completed, click on the bid button to send your quote.

    A couple of things to remember...

    Every page or form within World-Wide EDI has on line help available.

    All editable documents have a yellow background.

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