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  • Today's FedBizOpps provided compliments of Business Information & Development Services, Inc.

    How long will you spend on searching the FBO?

    Are you going to do this again tomorrow and the next day?
    Day in and day out?

    Is the meter running on your on-line connection?

    How much is your time worth?

    Are you sure you won't miss anything?

    At BIDS we know how much time and money small business must spend to win government contracts. Our BIDSystemsm is designed to simplify the search for government business.

    Since 1990, the BIDSystemsm, including BIDSearchsm - our electronic bid-matching service, has provided effortless, accurate and timely lead generation utilizing such sources as the US Government's FedBizOpps (formerly the Commerce Business Daily) and Supply and Services Canada's MERX® System (formerly the Open Bidding Service.) Not merely a simple, keyword search, BIDSearchsm is a contextually correct search of the selected data base(s) for those contract opportunities and other essential information specific to your business. Customized to your individual requirements, The BIDSystemsm makes it possible to quickly review opportunities, explore sub-contracting and partnership possibilities, and can also serve as a valuable reference tool to keep abreast of your competitors and their pricing strategies. We never limit categories, and we never add per-hit fees. First thing, every business day your BIDSearchsm results are in your email box for timely bid/no-bid decisions. .

    Click here for current pricing and an our online subsciption form

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    So now... if you still insist on doing it the hard way....

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